Stop Smoking Service

Want to quit smoking? It doesn’t have to be a drag

Your local Bristol Stop Smoking service offers FREE support to local people who are thinking of and wanting to take positive steps towards stopping smoking.

Our specially-trained practitioners provide completely FREE advice, support and encouragement on how to go about quitting smoking completely. Something which is four times more likely if you make use of the support and medication we offer.

How we can help you quit smoking

We know how difficult quitting smoking is, which is why we offer this service to give you the highest chance to quit smoking long term. You will be assigned a stop smoking practitioner who will work with you, give you all the advice and guidance needed as well as a tailored plan to help you quit.

Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is provided if needed as well as a mix of face to face and telephone appointments with your dedicated qualified Stop Smoking Practitioner.

Who can quit with us?

  • pregnant women, their partners and family members
  • individuals with long term conditions that are made worse by smoking
  • Smokers identified through NHS Health Checks
  • Individuals with Severe Mental Illness (referral required from Mental Health Team)

Where you can get help to quit

Currently face to face sessions have been replaced with telephone and virtual clinics, help is available, simply pick the most convenient clinic for you.

Quit today

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