What’s in season this February

What feels like 29172 days later, the end of January is almost in sight!

With February nearing, the new month calls for a new abundance of fresh fruit and veg to grace our supermarkets. So with that in mind, keep reading to discover the freshest (and cheapest!) ingredients to add to your shopping lists this February.


We’re sure you’ve got one laying around in your fridge, so why not put it to work?

Eaten raw as a snack (we like ours dipped in hummus), baked in a cake, or blitzed up in a soup – carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A (which helps to fight that winter flu) and count towards 1 of your 5-a-day.

Brussel sprouts

They may or may not have made a feature on your Christmas dinner, but sprouts are here to stay.

Did you know that a single serving of sprouts, often dubbed ‘mini cabbages’, has around 4g of protein per sprout? That makes it one of the most protein-packed vegetables out there!

Click here to see how you can add sprouts to your cooking this month.


A member of the onion family (bet you didn’t know that!), there are a whole host of ways that you can cook with leeks.

Here at Everyone Health, we like adding them to soups, stews and pies for a hearty dinner on a cold and windy winter’s night.


A great source of vitamin D (which many of us are falling short in – more on that here), mushrooms work well in a variety of dishes.

Our all-time favourite way of sneaking them in is in a hearty frittata (just like this one here) which makes for the perfect protein-rich breakfast or lunch to fuel your day and use up leftovers.


Add some colour to these grey winter days by tucking into a plum.

Whether you enjoy it on it’s lonesome as a snack, add it to your morning bowl of porridge, or perhaps you’re trying your hand at making jam. This stone fruit boasts plenty of health benefits all thanks to the nutrients they contain such as vitamin A, C and lots of fibre!


You’ll definitely be getting your greens in with this super-green leaf.

Brimming with goodness such as calcium, potassium, magnesium plus vitamins C and K, kale is one of the most nutritious foods in shops. You can add some more green to your plate with these tasty recipes found here.

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