Community Engagement and Training

At Everyone Health we are passionate about providing people with the support and information they need to make healthy lifestyle choices.

In Bristol we support individuals who want to quit smoking. We want to raise awareness of our free service and motivate people to quit. Alongside our support for individuals, we offer the following for our local community:  

  • A FREE one-hour training session: This can be delivered online via Microsoft Teams. This training encourages staff to quit smoking and equips them to signpost others into our service.
  • Pop up display– We can attend your site! Do you have an event or meeting you would like us to attend? Our community engagement lead can visit with our banner and stand displaying educational, interactive resources designed to inspire people to give up smoking.

If you would like to find out more or book us for an event or training please email our Community Engagement Programme Manager Jade at [email protected].

Our interactive 1 hour training session covers:

  • Bristol smoking statistics
  • Why people smoke and why it is difficult to quit
  • What is in a cigarette
  • How smoking affects us short term and long term
  • Top tips to quit smoking successfully
  • How to talk to others about smoking cessation
  • Everyone Health: the free support that is available and how to refer to us/get support
  • The training can be tailored to your service needs.

We can attend your site

Our community engagement lead will be on the stand to engage the audience and answer questions people have about smoking cessation. We have a range of resources available and will bring the educational, interactive tools that will best fit your service and event.

Our pop up stand could contain items such as:

  • Information about Everyone Health so individuals can access our support
  • The tar jar to see how much tar can build up in the lungs
  • COPD phlegm jar to show how much can be coughed up in two weeks
  • Information around pregnancy and smoking
  • Information on top tips for quitting smoking successfully
  • How much could you save? Wheels showing how much money one could save if they quit smoking
  • What is in a cigarette? Interactive resource showing the chemicals in cigarettes and how they affect the body
  • We can test your Carbon Monoxide levels

If you would like to find out more or book training or book us for an event please email our Community Engagement Programme Manager Jade at [email protected].