What’s in season this January

Start your New Year right with a whole host of seasonal fruit and veg on offer throughout January, making those healthy eating resolutions that little bit easier.

Keep reading to discover the freshest (and cheapest!) ingredients to add to your shopping lists this month for your January reset.


There’s no excuses to not be getting your greens in this January.

This super-green leaf is brimming with goodness as it boasts plenty of magnesium, calcium and potassium, plus vitamins C and K – making it one of the most nutritious foods in stores. Add some more of this green to your plate with these tasty recipes here.


They may have made a feature on your Christmas dinner, but parsnips are here to stay.

This sweetly-flavoured root vegetable can work it’s way into almost any mealtime as its versatility means you can roast, mash, or make into chips or crisps. How do you like your parsnips?

Pink grapefruit

Get your dose of vitamin C with this uber-sweet and juicy fruit – perfect for warding off that winter flu.

Grapefruits make a great addition to any breakfast, like your usual morning bowl of oats or pancakes (if you’ve got some spare time!), or they can be enjoyed on their lonesome as an easy snack.


A great source of vitamin D (which many of us are falling short in – more on that here) and B. Mushrooms work well in a variety of different dishes, but our favourite way of sneaking them in is in a hearty frittata (just like this one here) – the perfect protein-rich breakfast (or even lunch) to fuel your day and use up leftovers.

Brussel sprouts

Christmas may be over, but it’s still sprout season! Not just a Christmas dinner partner, there are a whole host of ways you can now cook with sprouts. Click here to enter a world of brussel sprout recipes.

Also, did you know that a single serving of these ‘mini cabbages’ has around 4g of protein – making it one of the most protein-packed vegetables.


A vastly underrated vegetable! Beetroots have a delicious flavour, especially when roasted. Add to salads, in your brownies (just trust us), or you can even juice it to get your nutrients in.

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